Heavy Duty 6 Outlet Metal Surge Protectors, 750-Joule - 6 to 20 Foot Cords

Cord Length: 6 Foot
Sale price$20.20


This 6-outlet, sturdy metal power strip features a 750-Joule, 3-line surge-protection rating to protect appliances, as well as EMI / RFI filtering and a either 6 or 20 foot long cords. These are heavy duty, industrial quality surge protectors! This is a UL Listed product.


Quantity Discounts

We offer excellent discounts based on the quantity of power strips in your order. Custom power strip configurations are also available - contact us.

Surge Suppression

Our surge suppressors are designed to protect valuable electronic devices from damaging power spikes, surges, and interference found in all electrical power sources. When this occurs, the power strip dissipates the incoming and outgoing voltage to a level that will not damage your equipment.

Power Shut Down Protection

No surge protector last forever! These surge suppressors have a light indicator that lets you know it is protecting your equipment. If the light is not on, then the surge suppressor is no longer capable of absorbing spikes and should be replaced.

High-Quality Metal Construction

These surge protectors are constructed with a heavy-duty metal housing. They are extremely useful for auto shops, industrial applications, manufacturing plants, and more.


Electrical Rating: 125V, 60Hz, 15A, 1875W
Joules Rating: 750j
Max. Peak Pulse Current: 13,500A
Max. Surge Clamping Voltage: 400V(L-N, N-G) 500V(L-G)
Max. Surge Pulse Voltage: 6000V
Response Time: Faster than 1 Nanosecond
EMI/RFI Noise Rejection: Up to 20dB from 150KHz to 30MHz
Overload Protection: 125V, 15A Circuit Breaker

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